Australian Labradoodle Food

I am asked many questions about dog and puppy food and what to feed Australian Labradoodles. The raw food diet or kibble and canned food? How often do I feed my Australian Labradoodle puppy? How much? I want to feed raw, where do I start?

Below is a place to start for feeding a raw diet:

Commercial Raw Complete Diets

Dr. Billinghurst’s BARF Diet, (866) 282-2273

FarMore, (866) 507-8255

Nature’s Variety, (888) 519-7387 – We like the patties or medallions

Northwest Naturals, (866) 637-1872

Steve’s Real Food for Dogs, (888) 526-1900

Feeding a high quality kibble and canned is perfectly acceptable – not everyone wants to feed raw. At Manor Lake, some brands we like the best are the Wellness Brand – Holistic Nutrition for Growing Puppies and Dogs and Merrick Brand Kibble and Canned – our favorite, Grammy’s Pot Pie. There are many top quality dog and puppy foods, please check our journal/blog post on Grading Dog Foods – this shows quite a few of the top quality dog and puppy foods.

Your Australian Labradoodle puppy will need to be fed 2 to 3 times a day and have plenty of fresh water as well. There are many different choices for dog and puppy foods. We suggest high quality organic dog and puppy food purchased at a pet health food store. Feeding your dog high quality food is essential for long term good health. We do not recommend feeding a diet relying only on grocery store purchased low grade dry kibble/canned food, this will invalidate the Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles’ 2 year health guarantee.

Check back often, as we will be posting more information on feeding your Australian Labradoodle.

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