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On September 4th, 2013 we were contacted by Shannon regarding her husband, Jay, who was injured in Afghanistan in 2012. Jay suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD because of his injury and although he was qualified for a service dog through All American Dogs Foundation, he has terrible allergies and they could not match him with any dog. Jay has been around doodles before and has not had any issues with allergies around them. Shannon was researching dogs and came across our website. She saw that they were “top of the line and very well bred” as well as “good for allergies and asthma,” which is why she reached out to us.

Shannon shared with us her husband’s story:

“On July 7th 2012 he was on a mission with his company.  The mine rollers went ahead of them and cleared the area 3 times before they drove their strykers in.  They were on a resupply to some of the guys who had run out of food and ammunition.  My husbands vehicle parked in an area that had been cleared and previously driven over ahead of him.  He opened his door so his team leader could talk to him and the team leader stepped on a bomb.  This man was my husbands best friend and he lost both his legs.  My husband suffered a concussion that rendered him unconscious for a few minutes.  He came to and they worked on Chris, the guy who was seriously injured so they could get him on a flight out of there.  They wanted to take my husband also, but he refused to leave his guys.  They continued on their resupply mission and 45min later hit a 120lb bomb that totaled their vehicle.  Again my husband suffered another concussion.  They stayed put while waiting on a new vehicle and then continued again. The next day July 8th they hit another bomb that totaled another truck, and again my husband suffered another concussion.

My husband being the tough, proud leader he is continued without saying a word to his leaders.  It was 2 weeks later when they were in a pre-mission meeting that Jay knew he couldn’t go on.  He was sitting there listening to what they were going to do and where they were taking their guys.  He didn’t comprehend any of what his First Sargent was saying. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do with his guys and he didn’t know where they were going.  He told his First Sargent and they immediately air lifted him to Kandahar hospital.  He spent 2 weeks in Kandahar before they sent him to Germany.  While he was in Kandahar I was able to talk to him and he swore to me that he was ok. I knew differently though. He didn’t remember family members, places we had gone and things we had done.  Three concussions in less than 24 hours is not good for the brain.  They explained it as shaken baby syndrome in an adult.  He was the same funny, joking guy I loved, but things were very different in his brain.  From Germany they sent him home to Washington.  Madigan has been great with all his tests and therapy.  He has a great team working with him and he is better than he was.  He was diagnosed with PTSD in December and has had a very hard time dealing with that diagnosis.  He is a proud man, who went through 3 deployments with no problems and it was this 4th that did him in. “

Shannon e-mailed us her husband’s story which was very emotional and touching and we wanted to help out as much as we could. They recently attended a family retreat for PTSD survivors and that is where they learned about the All American Dogs Foundation. They train PTSD service dogs for soldiers and vets and they have been talking with a trainer who will be helping train their future dog. Shannon told us that it “will be a team effort between her and her husband.”

1-DSCN0656Jay with his best friend Chris from their ceremony where Jay got his Purple Heart and Chris got his Bronze Star.

On Friday, September 13th, Jay and Shannon drove up to Bellingham, WA to visit our puppies and were happy that they would be able to take one home that day! Jay and the puppy (which he named “Tango”) bonded instantly. As Jay was telling us his story of his time in Afghanistan, the puppy walked up to him, smelled his hands and gave him kisses. Tango rolled on his back and loved the attention that he was getting from James. Tango was calm and sweet, and we knew he would be a perfect match for James, Shannon, and their four children.

We were so touched by his story and donated the perfect match for him and we are excited to hear about Jay and Tango’s training together. Below are some pictures of that incredibly special day for all of us.


Jay and Tango bonded instantly, and we knew they were a perfect pair!
Jay, Tango, Owner/Breeder Kim Kochman, and her assistant, Megan

To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Foundation, check out their website at :

To learn more about the American Dog Foundation and the training, check out their website at:

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