Checking in with Manor Lake Chief Brody

We heard from Lisa and her family in regards to her lovely Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle and we just had to share! We’re so excited to hear from our families and to hear such wonderful things about our dogs. I tell many people, you just have to have one to understand. But, Lisa does a pretty good job summing it up! Thank you so much Lisa and all your family for making Brody a part of your lovely family.

Brody 4  Brody 10

Brody 7

Hi Kim-


Hope all is well.


It’s been over 2 months now since Brody joined our family and we can’t tell you how much we love him. He’s the best dog ever!!


He is now 5 months old and about 30 pounds. He was groomed for the first time 2 weeks ago and is absolutely gorgeous. Wherever we go we are asked what kind of dog is he and then told he is SO cute. And SO calm, especially for a puppy. His color is beautiful. Shall I go on?! If I had a dollar for each time I heard these things I’d be a billionaire!


And boy is he smart! He knows his basic commands…sit, stay, down, come, no, heel, leave it, and we’re working on heel. He was completely house trained only 2 weeks after we got him, at only 14 weeks old. He absolutely hated the crate overnight so after about 3 weeks, we stopped using it because he was house trained anyway. He slept on our bed for about a week but then decided he was more comfortable on the floor so that’s where he chooses to sleep each night. During the day when left alone for a couple hours, he has been gated in the kitchen but jumped the gate earlier this week. Because he was a good boy and didn’t cause any harm, we decided to keep him loose in the house for the past few days and he’s been totally fine. We just can’t believe our 5 month old puppy is SO well-behaved!


We’ve been on vacation (here) for almost 2 weeks now. We are always outside here and Brody is with us almost always. We’ve taken him hiking several times this summer and after the first couple of times, we decided to try him off-leash, so he could have more freedom. As hoped, he stuck by our side the entire time, even when other dogs were encountered. He absolutely loves being outside, whether we’re hiking, biking, walking, kayaking or just hanging out in the backyard. He’s still timid when it comes to swimming but he’s warming up to it.


Brody is the perfect dog and we can’t thank you enough!! We love him SO much, especially our daughter Ella. She’s 5 years old so she and Brody are perfect companions, always running and playing together. They tire eachother out everyday!


Attached are some recent pics of Brody. We’ve recommended Manor Lake to so many people who’ve asked about him because we truly believe he’s the best dog, and exactly as you described him. We feel incredibly lucky! And did I mention Brody is my husband’s first dog ever?!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Lisa, Dave, Ella & Chief Brody

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