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Brain Injury Alliance Gala 2018

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

On Saturday, November 3rd, we were honored to attend the annual Brain Injury Alliance Gala, held in Seattle, which we have attended for the past several years. This event brings together colleagues, practitioners, and Brain Injury survivors along with their families and caregivers for an evening of success stories, triumphs and perseverance. It is so very special and humbling to run into families from years past who have brought a Manor Lake puppy into their lives and the love and support they receive from them.

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles is proud to show our support to this extraordinary organization this year with the donation of two of our Manor Lake puppies. Overall, over $535,000 was raised on this magical evening which will go directly to Brain Injury Alliance of WA services and support and will significantly impact the lives of survivors and their families.

We would like to specially thank Deborah, Allison and the entire BIAWA Board, Staff and Volunteers for always being so gracious and making this a fun and special night for us and our puppies. Until next year!


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Manor Lake “Meet/Greet” Saturday, October 27

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Our clients have asked and we have listened! Come and spend a fun day with us “Open House” style from 10:00am until 2:00pm as we are hosting a “meet and greet” opportunity for you to come and meet Kim, some of our staff members and of course the stars of the event – some of our adorable and wonderful Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle puppies and dogs! Advance application approval is required to attend. Lynden location will be provided with approved applications. Please complete your application from our website and indicate your interest to attend the Meet and Greet. We look forward to meeting you! Current and potential future clients welcome. Email us with questions at


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Testimonial Monday

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Another Testimonial Tuesday for the books! This update comes from Jill who adopted one of our Miniature/Medium retired Breeding Females, Lil Black Dress.

“Lil is a truly wonderful girl. She has just enough “trouble” in her to make her fun. Thanks for adding so much fun into my life. I really love this little girl.”

Thank you so much for the update on Lil, we’re so happy she went to a forever home that will give her all the attention, spoiling, and relaxation she deserves.


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Testimonial Wednesday?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

We’ve received an update on Presley who is just too cute not to share!

“We brought home our puppy about a month ago and I already feel the need to tell about how amazing it has been! First of all, we felt so comfortable before picking up Presley because of how helpful the women at Manor Lake were. They sent plenty of pictures and answered all of our questions about our puppy-to-be. I was in love the instant I laid eyes on Presley and he was everything they had described him to be and more.

Since then I have just come to adore our new furry friend. He is so smart, training has been a breeze so far. He has a personality that almost resembles a human, and picks up on everything already. Presley is full of energy, but not to the amount that could drive someone crazy. He is almost four months old and I am still waiting for the period where most dog owners never wish to return to!

Kim and Charrice really know how to run an ethical business and have shown me that their customers’ happiness is their priority. I get asked almost every day where I got my dog and I always get Manor Lake’s name out there.

I could not be happier with my dog, he is already my most loyal companion and he is such a light in my life. His personality is one of a kind and I think that is so important for dog owners. I wouldn’t change a thing from this whole process for the world!”

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Testimonial Tuesday

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

We just received an update on Zoobie! We are so very thankful when we hear from Manor Lake families with news and updates on our dogs. To see how they have grown from adorable puppies to magnificent adults is one of the many reasons we share thanks this week and every day of the year.

“Hope you are well!!! Zoobie and I moved to SF 2 years ago and are loving it. Her mom was petunia and dad was Mozart. My friends the ellisons adopted Digger from you, the Harts got Chowder, Allison in SF got Teddy, and now an acquaintance, Lina, is moving from the UK to NYC and wants to get a puppy like Zoobie from you! She will be emailing you soon, so please help her understand the whole process. I know she’d love a pup that looks like Zoobie.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Katherine and Zoobie


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Testimonial Tuesday

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Here’s an Update we just received from The Hansen Family on Willow, their 15 week old puppy from a Dalton + Clifford Pairing.

“We just love her spirited personality. She wants to be with us all the time and loves to play with Grady. They are getting along and she is learning from him. It was amazing how she learned to potty train from him. She watches everything he does and follows along, although she is not shy about getting her needs met 🙂
Just like Grady, Willow is smart and trains so easily….she was housebroken in about a week and has learned to sit, lay down and come. She is social, happy and healthy. We are also taken with her beauty. Her coat and color are stunning. We are thankful for the love and care that goes into all of the dogs in your program.”

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Brain Injury Alliance Annual Gala

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Kim Kochman Owner/Breeder Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles with Johnny Chavez of New Orleans in one photo, and Charrice Dotinga with two of our signature multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppies in the other photo, supporting the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington at their annual gala. Looking forward to this years gala coming up on November 21st, 2015.

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Australian Labradoodle: First Therapy Dog Allowed in NYC Courtroom

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Maggie walking with MarieAustralian Labradoodles are being recognized for their astounding ability to function as both service and therapy dogs. Their incredible intelligence coupled with their calm dispositions make them the perfect pets for people with disabilities or in need of comfort after a traumatic experience or a major life change.

We’ve already told you about Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles’ work with the Wounded Warriors providing companions to individuals suffering from PTSD, but here’s another amazing example of Australian Labradoodles being used as therapy dogs.

One of our clients sent us this article from the New York Times: Therapy Dog Helps Woman Testify at Assailant’s Sentencing Hearing.

The story tells the harrowing tale of a woman testifying in court to the abuse and confinement she and her 5-year-old daughter suffered for five months. As she testified, she hugged and found solace in her Australian Labradoodle therapy dog, Paz.

This was the first case in New York City where a therapy dog was allowed to accompany an adult into a courtroom.

Reporter Joshua Jamerson writes: “With an outgoing demeanor, Paz captured the attention of court officers and the judge. Justice Ingram told the woman that he hoped good health, counseling and ‘her comfort dog’ would help her ‘put this behind her’ and ‘get on with her life.’”

The article is a difficult and heartbreaking read, but we’re thankful that Australian Labradoodles like Paz are able to bring some comfort the afflicted and assistance to those struggling through their own difficult issues.

If you’d like more information about trainers and training for service and therapy dogs, the ALAA has some wonderfully helpful links on their ALAA service dogs page.

ADDENDUM: We received an update to this story this morning so I am updating this post:

I was so flattered that you mentioned the work being done by my dog, Paz, a 5 year old Australian Labradoodle whose support of a crime victim was discussed in the NY Times article on June 10, 2015. Just for clarification, Paz and I are a registered “Pet Partner” therapy team; I am Director of Children’s Services at the NYC Family Justice Center in Brooklyn where Paz and I were priveleged to provide support for the courageous victim described in the NY Times, including, accompanying her to court.

I feel that labradoodles have the capacity and intelligence to provide the support required to assist crime victims and I’m hoping that Paz has set precedent for the use of therapy dogs in court to assist victims during what is often difficult and traumatic proceedings. Again, thank you for mentioning Paz and I’m hoping his successful work in court inspires others to do the same. Charlotte Bednarsh (aka Paz’s mom)

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Photos from Manor Lake Forever Families

Friday, April 17th, 2015

We get tons of great photos from the forever homes of our Australian Labradoodles. It makes us so happy to know that our pups have found their perfect families! Here are a few of the favorites we’ve received lately.

Blog (denver)













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Governor Scott Walker: We Have an Australian Labradoodle for You!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

scott-walker-cover-why-we-chose-620x395Governor Scott Walker, we want to help you out!

The New York Times recently suggested that a presidential campaign run by you could be hampered by your allergy to pet dander—and they may be right!

From Washington (who had a Black and Tan Coonhound named Drunkard) through President Obama’s Portuguese Water  Dogs, Bo and Sunny, dogs have played a—sometimes important—role in presidential politics.

Nixon’s “Checkers speech”—named after the black and white dog he received as a gift—helped make him more accessible and keep his name on the Eisenhower ticket, just like Roosevelt’s “Fala speech” before it.

There’s something special about dog ownership that humanizes a candidate and makes them relatable to the average American. Most of us know what it’s like to have and love a special pet, and we trust people we know have similar bonds with their animals.

Our offer

Cayenne.M. know that pet allergies can be a difficult and debilitating issue to deal with, but you’re in luck! When Wally Conran started breeding Australian Labradoodles in the 80s, it was to create allergy and asthma-friendly dogs that had the temperament of service dogs.

Mission accomplished.

Not only are our Australian Labradoodles allergy-friendly, they barely shed. It’s true. I’m around them all day—every day—and seldom find a stray hair anywhere on me! And they are the sweetest dogs.

We would love to donate an Australian Labradoodle puppy to you and your family. Simply contact us at, and we’ll get the ball rolling. We promise that adopting your own Australian Labradoodle would be the best part of your campaign!

Just do us a favor: don’t follow President John Adam’s example and name your dog “Satan.”

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