People Love Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles

May 13th, 2015

The reviews are in and people are in love with their Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle companions.

We’re regularly sent updates and reviews and they have wonderful things to say about working with us.

Here are a few of the many five-star reviews from our Facebook page:

“Couldn’t be happier with Moose! I am so thoroughly impressed with my Labradoodle I would love another!”—Jean

“I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t have a happier, smarter, wonderful pet. Manor Lake is the real deal. They are the BEST in the business.”—Jacob

“Today, I was asked by my niece to recommend a breeder. I told her this and I want to tell you too “If I was looking to bring a new member into our family, I would call Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles! I trust Kim with helping me find the right fit for my family.” Communicate with Manorlake and they will help you with the process to make sure both you and your new baby are perfect for each other!”—Allison

“We couldn’t love our Murphy more, he is one of the family! He is incredibly smart and loyal as well as sweet and lovable.”—Rachel

“Would not hesitate getting another “family member” from Manor Lake! Kevin makes a great impression on everyone he meets! He is “the best” puppy ever! I can at last wear black and not be covered in fur or dog hair!! Perfect “boy” for our family!”—Barb

“I don’t think there are words for what Manor Lake has done for us. Thank you just isn’t enough.”—Shannon

“Manor Lake Piece of Cake (Sara Lee) is quite possibly the perfect animal. She is loving, calm, happy and absolutely gorgeous. I can’t go out in public without being stopped by people who agree that she’s perfect!”—Donnie

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Photos from Manor Lake Forever Families

April 17th, 2015

We get tons of great photos from the forever homes of our Australian Labradoodles. It makes us so happy to know that our pups have found their perfect families! Here are a few of the favorites we’ve received lately.

Blog (denver)













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Governor Scott Walker: We Have an Australian Labradoodle for You!

April 2nd, 2015

scott-walker-cover-why-we-chose-620x395Governor Scott Walker, we want to help you out!

The New York Times recently suggested that a presidential campaign run by you could be hampered by your allergy to pet dander—and they may be right!

From Washington (who had a Black and Tan Coonhound named Drunkard) through President Obama’s Portuguese Water  Dogs, Bo and Sunny, dogs have played a—sometimes important—role in presidential politics.

Nixon’s “Checkers speech”—named after the black and white dog he received as a gift—helped make him more accessible and keep his name on the Eisenhower ticket, just like Roosevelt’s “Fala speech” before it.

There’s something special about dog ownership that humanizes a candidate and makes them relatable to the average American. Most of us know what it’s like to have and love a special pet, and we trust people we know have similar bonds with their animals.

Our offer

Cayenne.M. know that pet allergies can be a difficult and debilitating issue to deal with, but you’re in luck! When Wally Conran started breeding Australian Labradoodles in the 80s, it was to create allergy and asthma-friendly dogs that had the temperament of service dogs.

Mission accomplished.

Not only are our Australian Labradoodles allergy-friendly, they barely shed. It’s true. I’m around them all day—every day—and seldom find a stray hair anywhere on me! And they are the sweetest dogs.

We would love to donate an Australian Labradoodle puppy to you and your family. Simply contact us at, and we’ll get the ball rolling. We promise that adopting your own Australian Labradoodle would be the best part of your campaign!

Just do us a favor: don’t follow President John Adam’s example and name your dog “Satan.”

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5 Tips for Conquering Separation Anxiety

March 26th, 2015

Cayenne.M. anxiety can be a genuine concern for dog owners, but it’s probably not as prevalent as you might think.

Many actions that get lumped in with separation anxiety are actually boredom and bad behavior.

True separation anxiety is different than just being bad and will occasionally be seen in other behaviors:

  • Dogs will often demonstrate anxiety by jumping up whenever they think you’re leaving or following you from room to room.
  • They’ll often start pacing, barking, or whining the moment they think you’ve left, even if you’ve only gone into another room or outside for a few moments.

Boredom and naughtiness can include many of the same behaviors that an anxiety-ridden pooch might display like chewing, scratching, barking, or howling. But in the bored dog, it happens after they’ve been alone for a while. Dog’s with separation anxiety will start losing it almost immediately when they think you’ve gone.

If you think your dog might be suffering from some separation anxiety issues, talk to your vet and maybe a behaviorist. If the situation is really bad there are medications that some have found really helpful. But medicating away difficult behavior should always be a last resort.

Here are a couple tips that will frequently help deal with your anxious pup.

1. Lower the drama of leaving and returning

Don’t make a big thing out of going away or coming home. Your dog needs to get to the place where they see periods of separation as a normal part of every day life.

When you have to leave, simply leave. When you get home, don’t make big, dramatic entrance with lots of loud, animated discussion aimed at your dog. This only makes your dog think that you’ve been as anxious as they’ve been.

2. Change your leaving rituals

Part of lowering the drama is eliminating some of the regular behaviors your dog associates with you leaving. Look at the things you do and see if you can change them to cut down on your dog’s anxiety.

Do they associate grabbing your keys with getting ready to go? Try keeping your keys somewhere else where it’s not so obvious, or occasionally grab your keys when you’re not leaving.

Do you run the blow dryer as part of your morning ritual? Does you pup see the blow dryer as the first ritual that tells them you’re leaving? Try occasionally running it throughout the day until they associate it less with preparation for being alone.

If you can, occasionally leave through different doors.

These aren’t behaviors you need to take part in all the time, but long enough that they quit seeing them as signals that they’re about to be abandoned.

3. Leave distractions for your dog

A Kong full of Kong Stuff’N Puppy Paste is a wonderful distraction for a dog and can keep them busy for quite a while. You can also train your pup to look for treats you’ve hidden while you’re away.

We had some friends who would hide treats in safe places for their dog with separation anxiety to find when they were away. It was fun to eventually see Charlie get excited when they were leaving because it meant the game was afoot!

4. Tire them out

There is so much pent-up energy that is released when your dog is anxious. Planning walks or play time before you have to leave is a helpful way to redirect some of that energy.

Get up a half hour earlier and take your dog on a walk/run. You’ll both benefit!

5. Have a crate available

While we might think of a crate as a terrible enclosed space, we need to think about things from a pooch’s perspective. Dogs have a natural instinct to be in a den and can find a crate to be a comforting place. In fact, many dogs will be much more secure in a crate than they will in a wide open house while you’re away.

Getting your dog comfortable with a crate when they’re young can help a lot when they’re older. Once they’ve discovered that secure place that’s all theirs, all you need to do is leave the crate open in the the room when you leave. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Remember, punishment for anxious behavior is only going to exacerbate the problem. One of the best things you can do (and this is in any situation with your dog) is demonstrate cool, strong, and assertive leadership.

They’re looking to you as their pack leader and the energy you give them is going to return to you in their behavior.

And once again, if all else fails, make sure to talk to your vet or a behaviorist. They’re going to be able to give you some helpful advice tailor-made for your beloved pet!

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“We Love Our Australian Labradoodle!”

March 20th, 2015

HaileyThat moment when someone sees their Australian Labradoodle for the first time is magic! The excitement and instant bond is tangible.

We love to hear stories and updates from families about their new companions—stories like this one:

“We just wanted to share one of our favorite pics of Hailey. She just turned 5 months and she is a doll. We absolutely love the dog Hailey has become, and each day we can’t believe the joy she brings into our lives, and the lives of everyone she encounters.

People ask to take her picture, and tell us almost every day she is the cutest dog they have ever seen. She’s perpetually happy, playful, and loving. We recently took her to Cannon Beach, OR for her first romp off leash on the beach, and she was amazing under voice command.

She made lots of friends (dogs and people) and she was a great hotel guest, as she’s crate trained and sleeps anywhere as long as she has her crate. She attended four puppy classes, and upon graduation her teacher told us she was the friendliest dog in the class. We use the gentle leader from time to time, and that helps her stay focused on our commands.

We tell everyone who asks where we got her, and rave about the job you all do to ensure your pups have a great spirit and are wonderful companions. Thank you!”

It’s stories like these that keep us going—keep ’em coming!

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Awesome Feedback from Manor Lake Customers

March 11th, 2015

GorgeousOne of the most rewarding aspects of any job is knowing that you’re providing a service that’s both meaningful and helpful. We’re constantly blessed by an inbox overflowing with thankful emails from families who have adopted their own Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle.

Here are just a handful of the testimonies and images that we receive every day:

“Just wanted to let you know that Theodore ‘Teddy’ is doing very well!!!  He has a wonderful personality, very playful at times, but also calm and curious.  He is a wonderful addition to our family!”—Baton Rouge, LA

“We so love Gibbs, and he is such a nice dog. He loves everyone that he meets. Thanks for breeding such nice dogs!”—Bullard, TX

car“I just thought I should let you know that Boo is fitting in so well in his new home. He is a very smart little puppy and my older labradoodle is so pleased to have a friend around all the time.

“I fell so very lucky to have him in my life. I cannot thank you enough for picking me to be his parent.”—Seattle, WA

“We have SO enjoyed having Max as part of our family.  He has an incredible loving and friendly temperament, and likes nothing more than to drop one of his toys in front of our 7-year old . . . inviting her to chase him around the house.

“We just love this puppy to death and can’t imagine now having him as part of the family.  So glad we decided on a Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles!”—Lakewood Ranch, FL

“She loves to be around our kids and other dogs.  She also loves water, fetching and digging in the sand at the beach. We have taken her sailing a few times and she does well on the boat. We absolutely love her and could not have asked for a better puppy for our family.”—Palos Verdes Estates, CAIMG_6914

“Just wanted to give you an update on Channing, he is such a good boy. He has adjusted amazingly. He is obsessed with leaves and paper . . . So cute watching him play. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.”—Miami, FL

“Just wanted to send an update on our sweet Dolly. She is the BEST. So loving, so sweet, so smart. I can’t even begin to describe how funny she is. She LOVES to play fetch with her tennis ball from the minute she wakes up til the minute she goes to sleep!!

Please don’t ever stop breeding these wonderful dogs! The world needs more of them!!”—Syracuse NY

With as beautiful and good-natured as our multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are, it’s no wonder that we’re constantly receiving emails from excited new puppy companions!

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Meet Allegra and Her Sidekick, Hugh Jackman

March 4th, 2015

Hugh Jackman (Les Misérables, Wolverine, and Chappie) has instagrammed and tweeted quite a few pics of his adorable Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle pup, Allegra.

Allegra and her new buddy, Dali

He’s been seen walking around NYC with her (potty pads in hand), and the news of his new edition has been shared by People, US Weekly, the Mirror, and even the Australian Women’s Weekly—where she’s incorrectly identified as a cavoodle (WHAT!?).

We’re so happy that Allgera has a forever home where she is so valued and adored!

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Greta Van Susteren Tweets Pick of a Manor Lake Pup

February 26th, 2015

We’ve shared in the past about about our work with the Wounded Warriors, and specifically the story of Jay and Tango.

Imagine our surprise when news commentator and television personality, Greta Van Susteren tweeted a pic of Jay and Tango from an event she was attending.

As we tweeted back, we can definitely get you Australian Labradoodle in chocolate Greta!

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This Year’s Most Popular Puppy Names

February 17th, 2015

The votes are in—here are this year’s top puppy names!

Dog names

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles!

February 13th, 2015

Valentine’s Day is a time to set aside and focus on those we love. Don’t forget to spend a little extra time doting on your pets as well!

From all of us at Manor Lake, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day final

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