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Governor Scott Walker: We Have an Australian Labradoodle for You!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

scott-walker-cover-why-we-chose-620x395Governor Scott Walker, we want to help you out!

The New York Times recently suggested that a presidential campaign run by you could be hampered by your allergy to pet dander—and they may be right!

From Washington (who had a Black and Tan Coonhound named Drunkard) through President Obama’s Portuguese Water  Dogs, Bo and Sunny, dogs have played a—sometimes important—role in presidential politics.

Nixon’s “Checkers speech”—named after the black and white dog he received as a gift—helped make him more accessible and keep his name on the Eisenhower ticket, just like Roosevelt’s “Fala speech” before it.

There’s something special about dog ownership that humanizes a candidate and makes them relatable to the average American. Most of us know what it’s like to have and love a special pet, and we trust people we know have similar bonds with their animals.

Our offer

Cayenne.M. know that pet allergies can be a difficult and debilitating issue to deal with, but you’re in luck! When Wally Conran started breeding Australian Labradoodles in the 80s, it was to create allergy and asthma-friendly dogs that had the temperament of service dogs.

Mission accomplished.

Not only are our Australian Labradoodles allergy-friendly, they barely shed. It’s true. I’m around them all day—every day—and seldom find a stray hair anywhere on me! And they are the sweetest dogs.

We would love to donate an Australian Labradoodle puppy to you and your family. Simply contact us at, and we’ll get the ball rolling. We promise that adopting your own Australian Labradoodle would be the best part of your campaign!

Just do us a favor: don’t follow President John Adam’s example and name your dog “Satan.”

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7 Reasons Australian Labradoodles Are So Popular

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

SnowpupIn an ABC Eyewitness News story about the most popular dog breeds in America, Labradoodles made the top ten most-desired dog breeds in Houston, Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco. Not too shabby for a breed that, all things considered, is fairly new to the scene.

Here are seven reasons the breed has become so popular:

1. They’re perfect service and therapy dogs.

Introduced into hospitals and nursing homes, these dogs have done so much to assist in people’s rehabilitation. We, at Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles, regularly donate dogs as companions to wounded and traumatized veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project. The traits that make Labradoodles such stunning companions enable them to become remarkable service animals.

2. They’re virtually allergy free.

In fact, they were originally bred to operate as service dogs for people suffering from allergies and asthma. While no dog is completely allergen free, Australian Labradoodles are very low-dander dogs.

3. They hardly shed.

I’m surrounded by Labradoodles all day long, and seldom find hair on any of my clothing. Besides the loss of periodic “dead” hair, they rarely lose hair at all.

4. They’re incredibly easy to train:

Imagine the good-natured intelligence of a Lab combined with the alertness and attention of a poodle. These dogs are driven to learn and possess an innate desire to please their human companions.

5. They’re available in multiple sizes and colors:

One of the traits driving the Labradoodle’s popularity is the fact that anyone can find one that fits their vision of an ideal dog. You want a smaller lap dog? The Australian Labradoodle has you covered. You want a larger lab-sized companion? You can find that, too. Beyond size considerations, you can find them in multiple colors like cream, apricot, red, chocolate, etc.

6. They have the best personalities:

I’ve always been attracted to the sweet nature of Labs, but would find myself somewhat annoyed with the spastic energy of younger Labs. With an Australian Labradoodle, you have the gentle, easy-going, loving nature of a Labrador coupled with the sensitivity of a Poodle. It’s really a perfect mixture of the strengths of both breed’s personalities.

7. They have a wide appeal:

We have an international clientele that comes from a wide spectrum of lifestyles and income ranges. The Australian Labradoodle doesn’t just appeal to the Hollywood trendsetters or debutantes—everyone loves them. Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles provides dogs to young families, older couples, Fortune 500 CEOs, and A-list Hollywood stars. There seems to be no end to their popularity.

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