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Update on Manor Lake Moose!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The first weekend was a lot of fun! He’s doing great and he’s SO smart! He slept through the night the past two nights. He’s already figured out going potty outside (only one or two accidents inside and they were our fault) including going up and down our front step. The girls have taught him to sit. Not sure if it’s a fluke or not, but he seems to actually be doing it on command with a treat. Took him to the vet on Mon and he’s 5 lb 12 oz. She said he looks great. He’s eating and drinking a lot. I’ll send some pics soon – the girls are taking most of them.  Thanks for checking in!

1-moose with moose

So glad to hear Moose is doing well and we love the video and picture that you sent us of him. Looks like he really likes his new toy, doesn’t he? Thank you so much for the update and give him a big hug for us. We are so impressed by how quickly he has learned his new tricks!

To see an some adorable videos of Moose in his new home, check out our YouTube channel :

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Update On Manor Lake Willow In New York City!

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Hi Kim and Melissa

We wanted to give you an update how Willow is doing in NYC! She is such an incredible and sweet puppy! Willow has truly impressed us with her confidence, smarts and ability to learn so quickly! She loves to play with other dogs and people, really enjoys the outside and smiles happily for every picture! Willow is such a beauty and loves strutting down the city streets wagging her tail while everyone stops to say hello! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and nothing is better than coming home to her loving puppy kisses!!! Thank you for such an amazing pup!


Jon Jordana and Willow

2-photo 3 (2)1-photo 2 (2)


Jon, Jordana, and Willow,

Thank you so much for the update on your adorable Willow! She has grown so much and is such a photogenic girl! We are so happy to see that she is adjusting so well in your home with your wonderful family and we really love the update of her, she is absolutely stunning! Give her lots of hugs and kisses for us!

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Update on Manor Lake Toby!

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Hi Kim,

I am sending you a picture of our little Toby who is now 6 months old! It has been very exciting to see him grow! He has a huge fan following in the neighborhood–every little kid wants this fluffy teddy bear!  He continues to amaze us with his intelligence and adaptability. He is so perfect for our family—thank you!





Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow? He is such a cutie and has a beautiful coat, and you’re right, he looks just like a fluffy teddy bear! I remember when he was just a little pup and it is so great to see him doing well with your family. Thank you for the update and give Toby a big hug for us!

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Hiking With Your Dog! -ASPCA Safety Tips

Friday, October 4th, 2013

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, hiking is a main activity and with Summer coming to end and Fall officially starting, the colors in the leaves are beautiful and it is a perfect time to go on a hike and bring your dog along with you. We came across this article from the ASPCA that lists some safety tips for hiking with your dog. Enjoy and hope you all have a great Friday!

Manor Lake Marley

Looking to escape your hometown haunts for a wilderness hike? Don’t forget your pooch! Dogs love to explore our country’s vast natural resources as much their two-legged counterparts—not to mention, hiking is great exercise for all. But remember, a hiking trail isn’t your average walk around the block. The ASPCA offers some helpful tips for keeping you and your pet safe and sound on your outdoor adventures.

  • Extending leashes are great for wide open spaces, but if your romp is taking you through wooded areas, it’s best to leave the flexi-leads at home. Otherwise, you’ll probably spend more time untangling your dog’s leash from trees and brush than you will enjoying your walk!
  • If your pup is the trustworthy sort and you want to give him the opportunity to enjoy some untethered time on your hike, first make sure that dogs are allowed to be off-leash in the area you’re exploring. Second, be sure that he responds reliably to your recall command—even the most obedient dog might bolt after some fascinating new critter.
  • Hard to believe, but not everyone is as enamored with dogs as we are! Some people get very nervous around unleashed dogs. As a courtesy, have a leash on standby to clip to your dog when encountering other hikers.
  • Whether you’re using a leash or not, don’t forget IDs, please! Always make sure that your current contact information, including your cell phone number, is attached to your dog’s collar or body harness. If for any reason your pet gets lost, a collar and tags and a microchip will increase the likelihood that he or she will be returned to you.
  • You never know what you may encounter on a hike—so before setting out into the wilderness, check your pet’s veterinary records and make sure his vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Training tip: Teach your dog to come to you for treats whenever you pass by other hikers, especially if they have dogs, too. Your dog will learn to not interfere with passersby, and at the same time, you’re ensuring he associates new people and dogs with good things, like tasty treats from you.
  • If a poop falls in the woods and no one else sees it, do you get a free pass? NO! There’s no such thing as a victimless poop. Please have respect for your surroundings, native wildlife and fellow hikers by scooping up after your dog and toting the baggie back to civilization if there are no trash cans around.
  • Both of you need to stay hydrated, so bring enough water for two. Don’t allow your pup to drink from puddles, ponds, lakes or streams—in other words, “nature’s dog bowls”—as they may contain nasty parasites or toxins that could cause her harm.

When your hike is finished, give your pooch a thorough once-over for ticks and other creepy-crawlies. Pay special attention to her belly, ears, and any skin folds and crevices. If you do spot a tick, treat the area with rubbing alcohol and remove the parasite immediately by slowly pulling it off with tweezers. Be careful when removing a tick, as any contact with its blood can potentially transmit infection to your dog or even to you. Wash the bite area and keep an eye on it for the next few days—if irritation persists, contact your vet.


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Manor Lake Donates to Wounded Warrior Program

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


On September 4th, 2013 we were contacted by Shannon regarding her husband, Jay, who was injured in Afghanistan in 2012. Jay suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD because of his injury and although he was qualified for a service dog through All American Dogs Foundation, he has terrible allergies and they could not match him with any dog. Jay has been around doodles before and has not had any issues with allergies around them. Shannon was researching dogs and came across our website. She saw that they were “top of the line and very well bred” as well as “good for allergies and asthma,” which is why she reached out to us.

Shannon shared with us her husband’s story:

“On July 7th 2012 he was on a mission with his company.  The mine rollers went ahead of them and cleared the area 3 times before they drove their strykers in.  They were on a resupply to some of the guys who had run out of food and ammunition.  My husbands vehicle parked in an area that had been cleared and previously driven over ahead of him.  He opened his door so his team leader could talk to him and the team leader stepped on a bomb.  This man was my husbands best friend and he lost both his legs.  My husband suffered a concussion that rendered him unconscious for a few minutes.  He came to and they worked on Chris, the guy who was seriously injured so they could get him on a flight out of there.  They wanted to take my husband also, but he refused to leave his guys.  They continued on their resupply mission and 45min later hit a 120lb bomb that totaled their vehicle.  Again my husband suffered another concussion.  They stayed put while waiting on a new vehicle and then continued again. The next day July 8th they hit another bomb that totaled another truck, and again my husband suffered another concussion.

My husband being the tough, proud leader he is continued without saying a word to his leaders.  It was 2 weeks later when they were in a pre-mission meeting that Jay knew he couldn’t go on.  He was sitting there listening to what they were going to do and where they were taking their guys.  He didn’t comprehend any of what his First Sargent was saying. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do with his guys and he didn’t know where they were going.  He told his First Sargent and they immediately air lifted him to Kandahar hospital.  He spent 2 weeks in Kandahar before they sent him to Germany.  While he was in Kandahar I was able to talk to him and he swore to me that he was ok. I knew differently though. He didn’t remember family members, places we had gone and things we had done.  Three concussions in less than 24 hours is not good for the brain.  They explained it as shaken baby syndrome in an adult.  He was the same funny, joking guy I loved, but things were very different in his brain.  From Germany they sent him home to Washington.  Madigan has been great with all his tests and therapy.  He has a great team working with him and he is better than he was.  He was diagnosed with PTSD in December and has had a very hard time dealing with that diagnosis.  He is a proud man, who went through 3 deployments with no problems and it was this 4th that did him in. “

Shannon e-mailed us her husband’s story which was very emotional and touching and we wanted to help out as much as we could. They recently attended a family retreat for PTSD survivors and that is where they learned about the All American Dogs Foundation. They train PTSD service dogs for soldiers and vets and they have been talking with a trainer who will be helping train their future dog. Shannon told us that it “will be a team effort between her and her husband.”

1-DSCN0656Jay with his best friend Chris from their ceremony where Jay got his Purple Heart and Chris got his Bronze Star.

On Friday, September 13th, Jay and Shannon drove up to Bellingham, WA to visit our puppies and were happy that they would be able to take one home that day! Jay and the puppy (which he named “Tango”) bonded instantly. As Jay was telling us his story of his time in Afghanistan, the puppy walked up to him, smelled his hands and gave him kisses. Tango rolled on his back and loved the attention that he was getting from James. Tango was calm and sweet, and we knew he would be a perfect match for James, Shannon, and their four children.

We were so touched by his story and donated the perfect match for him and we are excited to hear about Jay and Tango’s training together. Below are some pictures of that incredibly special day for all of us.


Jay and Tango bonded instantly, and we knew they were a perfect pair!
Jay, Tango, Owner/Breeder Kim Kochman, and her assistant, Megan

To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Foundation, check out their website at :

To learn more about the American Dog Foundation and the training, check out their website at:

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An Update on Manor Lake Gretzky

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


Below is a well overdue picture of Gretzky.

He’s just an amazing puppy. He’s a very smart puppy and it’s amazing how quickly he learns things. He’s already completed 8 weeks of obedience training and can sit, down, come, stay, walk pretty well on a leash, leave it and drop it. He also has the most beautiful coat. If you look closely at it you can see three different colors on each hair. We’re all in love with him especially the kids. Thank you for an amazing dog!

The Platts



The Platt family,

Thank you so much for the update on your little bundle of joy! Wow, 8 weeks of training and Gretzky has already learning so many tricks! He does have a very beautiful coat and is quite photogenic! We are so glad that all is going well with him and that he is bringing so much joy to your family. Thank you again and give him a huge hug for us!


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Update on Manor Lake’s Sofi and Paninni

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Hi Melissa, Sofi is growing and settling in. She has lots of energy and is so much fun. She is pretty much house broken and potty trained. In short all is going great. Paninni is settling in very well! She is such a cuddle bug.

She is so loyal and friendly. I can’t thank you enough!

Manor Lake’s Sofi

1-photo (4)1-image

Manor Lake’s Paninni 

1-image (3)

How cute are Paninni and Sofi?? Thank you so much for the update on Sofi and Pannini. I’m glad to hear they’re getting along well too! Pannini is such a sweetheart and we definitely miss her here, and of course Sofi as well!

Thank you again and give them plenty of hugs for us! We absolutely love the pictures!

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Update on Manor Lake’s Lucy Lu

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


Well I can’t believe our little Lucy Lu is already 5 months old! She just began her training classes and has made such amazing progress! The fact that she is such a smart puppy has made her training go so smoothly. What an amazing addition she has been to our family! We couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She is pure love! Thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful puppy! We are so happy we found you! I will continue to send more pictures as she grows.

Take care,


1-lucylu1 2-lucylu2


It’s amazing to see how much Lucy Lu has grown since her last pictures! She is adorable as ever and still knows how to work that camera! Thank you again for the update and we are so glad to hear that she’s doing well and of course would always love to see more pictures of her. Give her a big hug for us! 🙂

-Kim, Melissa, and Megan

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