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Australian Labradoodle: First Therapy Dog Allowed in NYC Courtroom

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Maggie walking with MarieAustralian Labradoodles are being recognized for their astounding ability to function as both service and therapy dogs. Their incredible intelligence coupled with their calm dispositions make them the perfect pets for people with disabilities or in need of comfort after a traumatic experience or a major life change.

We’ve already told you about Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles’ work with the Wounded Warriors providing companions to individuals suffering from PTSD, but here’s another amazing example of Australian Labradoodles being used as therapy dogs.

One of our clients sent us this article from the New York Times: Therapy Dog Helps Woman Testify at Assailant’s Sentencing Hearing.

The story tells the harrowing tale of a woman testifying in court to the abuse and confinement she and her 5-year-old daughter suffered for five months. As she testified, she hugged and found solace in her Australian Labradoodle therapy dog, Paz.

This was the first case in New York City where a therapy dog was allowed to accompany an adult into a courtroom.

Reporter Joshua Jamerson writes: “With an outgoing demeanor, Paz captured the attention of court officers and the judge. Justice Ingram told the woman that he hoped good health, counseling and ‘her comfort dog’ would help her ‘put this behind her’ and ‘get on with her life.’”

The article is a difficult and heartbreaking read, but we’re thankful that Australian Labradoodles like Paz are able to bring some comfort the afflicted and assistance to those struggling through their own difficult issues.

If you’d like more information about trainers and training for service and therapy dogs, the ALAA has some wonderfully helpful links on their ALAA service dogs page.

ADDENDUM: We received an update to this story this morning so I am updating this post:

I was so flattered that you mentioned the work being done by my dog, Paz, a 5 year old Australian Labradoodle whose support of a crime victim was discussed in the NY Times article on June 10, 2015. Just for clarification, Paz and I are a registered “Pet Partner” therapy team; I am Director of Children’s Services at the NYC Family Justice Center in Brooklyn where Paz and I were priveleged to provide support for the courageous victim described in the NY Times, including, accompanying her to court.

I feel that labradoodles have the capacity and intelligence to provide the support required to assist crime victims and I’m hoping that Paz has set precedent for the use of therapy dogs in court to assist victims during what is often difficult and traumatic proceedings. Again, thank you for mentioning Paz and I’m hoping his successful work in court inspires others to do the same. Charlotte Bednarsh (aka Paz’s mom)

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